John Luna-Lima

Johnny is an OCR athlete who also enjoys trail and mountain running. He grew up playing soccer at a competitive level. In college, he played for the San Jose Earthquakes and later was recruited to play for  California State San Bernardino division 2 team. When taking a break from soccer, he decided to try obstacle courses racing. He was imminently attracted to OCR and since then he has been very successful.  

Notable Placements

1st Place, Spartan Race Morinze, France 2017
1st Place, Spartan Race Edinburgh, Scotland 2017 3rd Place, Terrain Race San Jose, CA 2017
11th Place, Spartan Race World Championships 2017 2nd Place, Battle Frog San Francisco, CA 2016
4th Place Spartan Race Hawaii, USA 2015
7th Place Spartan Race Monterey, CA 2015
20th Place Spartan Race World Championship 2015


March 24 Spartan Race San Jose, USA

March 30 Ascent Cerro Chirripo, Costa Rica May 5 Spartan Race Montana, USA

May TBD Speed Ascent Mt. Shasta, USA

May 19 Spartan Race Big Bear, USA July 14 Spartan Race Palmerton, USA

July 28 Spartan Race Utah, USA August 18 Spartan Race Colorado, USA

September 29 SR World Championship

October 27 Spartan Race New Jersey, USA